There is a new software version 3.3.3 available.


  • fixes the slow progress bar drawing problem on “Auto Pulse” mode that sometimes occured.

It is available on my Github: Arduino Spot Welder V3.3.3 Software

What it does

When you use the Spot Welder in Auto Pulse mode you can set the delay time in the menu of the welder. For example if you set it to 1.5 seconds you can touch the nickel strip with both welding tips and after 1.5 seconds the pulse will be activated.

During this 1.5 seconds the welder will display a progress bar on the screen that acts kind of like a count down until the weld happens. But sometimes this progress bar took way longer than the set 1.5 seconds to finish. This problem seems to be caused by the latest SSD1306 display library.

With the code improvement in V3.3.3 the delay will always be exactley the delay time that was set.

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