In some cases you may have damaged your welding tips and need to replace them or you want to build yourself a set of custom welding cables. This tutorial will show you how to easily connect the welding tips to a cable.

The silicone welding cable of the welding cable sets from this shop is 7awg (10,6mm²). It will not fit in a 10mm² cable connector, so you will need a 16mm² cable conenctor. If you are using thinner cable you can also use the smaller 10mm² cable connector.

Material you need

Replacing the Welding Tip

  • start with cutting the cable right behind the old welding tip
  • this is easiest done with big cable cutting pliers but can also be done with smaller wire cutter
  • you will only loose about 1cm cable length
  • remove about 1cm of the cable insulation
  • to do this cut arround the cable with a sharp knife and then pull the insulation of the cable.
  • slide the cable connector on the cable and slide the new welding tip in
  • now there are two options to connect everything together
  • option one is to use a crimping tool
  • even though it is a 16mm² cable connector it is best to use the 10mm² setting on the crimping tool to get a good conenction to the welding tip and the cable
  • option two is to solder everything together
  • for this you need a powerfull soldering iron
  • recommended is at least 80W to get enough heat to solder the cable and welding tip properly to the cable conenctor.
  • instead of a soldering iron you can also use a hot air gun from a smd rework station.
  • make sure you added plenty of solder so everythig has a good connection
  • as a last step add some shrink tube over the connection to insulate it and make it look more pretty
  • it is not absolute necessary to insulate the connection because the welder only works with 12V, which is no problem to touch with your hand.
  • alternatively you can also insulate the connection with some electrical tape

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