DIY Arduino Battery Spot Welder PCB Set V3.1


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This is the new V3.1 PCB Set.

Improvements in the V3.1:

  • possibility to solder 4 SMD TVS diodes in parallell on the Mosfet PCB
  • enough space to solder 4 through hole TVS diodes instead of SMD diodes if no SMD diodes available
  • with 4 diodes installed possible to use with car batteries up to 800CCA

Improvements in the V3:

  • Mosfet PCB now with 2oz copper layer and wider traces which connect the high current carrying mosfet legs to the u-shaped aluminum part
  • “AutoPulse” feature, which automatically activates a pulse after a defined delay time when both welding tips touch the nickel strip (thanks to Petr Zverina for the idea)
  • 7 segment display replaced by OLED display
  • potentiometer replaced by rotary encoder
  • Menu system to easy adjust the low battery alarm, AutoPulse delay and short pulse time
  • powered directly by car battery, no more need for extra power supply
  • TVS diode integrated on the mosfet pcb, no external diodes necessary
  • upgraded Mosfets to IRFB7430 (they can handle up to 1000A welding current with no problem)
  • Standby feature: after 5 minutes of inactivity the Spot Welder will go to standby and the foot switch and AutoPulse will be deactivated while in standby.
  • u-shaped aluminum parts is now riveted to the pcb


What you get:

  • The two PCBs needed to build your own spot welder
  • 8 M3 nylon washers

This is the pcb only set. No other components included.


How to built it:

  • All pcb files, part list, Arduino code… can be found at my Github page.
  • A detailed bulit guide can be found at the instructables and in the (video coming soon)

Additional information

Weight 19 g
Dimensions 60 x 51 x 1.5 mm


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