2 thoughts on “LG_HB2_3s3p

  1. Georgios Fragkopoulos says:

    Hello there,
    I am intetested in this spot welder. I am wondering if I can use an old welding machine ( the old heavy ones) as a power source, instead of the battery. Maybe adjusting the weld thickness on the old welder to 1.5mm ? or would that be too much?

    • Marc Schoenfleisch says:

      If your welding machine outputs 12V DC voltage it could work.
      But 1.5mm material welding will not work.
      This Spot Welder is designed to weld thin nickel strip of arround 0.15 – 0.25mm. With short pulse times arround 10 – 20ms (depending on the current)
      It can take maximum current of 800A.

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