4 thoughts on “New Welding Cables

  1. Harold says:

    I purchased a DIY ArduinoBattery spot welder prebuilt kit from you a couple of months ago. I am interested in knowing the correct nomenclature for each of the 4 boards used in that kit and where can I purchase the individual boards. I like using the spot welder but want to know more so that I can trouble shot it and determine which board is not functioning correctly and replace it. Many thanks.

    • Marc Schoenfleisch says:

      – The top green pcb is the “Arduino Board”
      – the bottom green pcb is the “Mosfet Board”
      – The blue board on top with the USB connector is the “Arduino Nano”
      – And the display is a “0.96 inch OLED Display”

      If you need replacement or spare parts please contact info@malectrics.eu

  2. steve hole says:

    ive not long recieved my spot welder, but one of my electrodes ( black one) is loose inside the heat shrink. is this an issue> i can hold the cable and wobble to copper electrode. cheers

    • Marc Schoenfleisch says:

      The copper electrode should not be loose. You can try to fix this by pressing the crimp connector it sits in with pliers.
      Or if you got a powerful soldering iron remove the heatshrink on the welding tip and solder the welding tip to the crimp connector.

      If you cant fix the issue please send an email to the support: info@malectrics.eu
      The we can see if we can arrange to ship you a replacement welding cable.

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