Due to customer requests and some people having problems making adapter cables to use the Spot Welder with a Lipo battery, you can now get a XT90 adapter cable.

The cable has a XT90 male connector on one side and cable shoes with a 6mm hole for M6 screws on the other side. The length of the cable is only about 10cm to keep the resistance low and also to keep the shipping weight low, so international shipping does not become to expensive. These cables are crimped and soldered in my shop in germany.

A good compatible Lipo battery that has proven to work well with the Spot Welder is this one: Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 3S 65~130C

Mounting Options:

You can use the adapter with or without the cases on the Spot Welder.

When using without the cases make sure you insulate the connection on the positive welding cable with some electrical tape.

10 thoughts on “New Product: XT90 Adapter Cable

  1. pabickwermert says:

    Hi Marc. I have your older version welder without the display. Recently, I was welding and it stopped. It still flashes the green light on the board, but no happy welding. So, thinking I messed it up, I changed it out with the other new welder I purchased from you, and it does the same thing. ? I tried to change out the diode and scr(I think it is called) and still no help. I tried another programmed arduino and no luck. The battery is charged. Nothing looks burned on either setup. I forgot how to troubleshoot this thing because it has worked flawlessly for so long. Thanks for the help. Paul

    • Marc Schoenfleisch says:

      If both welders dont work it looks like there must be an error somewhere.
      Maybe something is connected wrong ?
      Please send me some pictures or a short video of your problem to my support Mail.(malectrics.info@gmail.com)
      Maybe i can find the issue.

  2. Gilson Richard says:

    Hi marc,
    Are you planning to make a pen electrode holder for your new
    So people could weld only with one hand .
    I would appreciate this for welding.
    Have a nice day

  3. Gilson Richard says:

    Hi marc,
    I am thinking on a possibility to use
    some ultracaps instead of lipos!
    They are rated 2.7 v each, if we take 5 we are on the same voltage like a lipo.
    What are you thinking about?
    Have a nice day.

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