There is a new Sotware V3.3 for the Arduino Spot Welder available. Check out what has been improved.

In V3.3 the Auto Pulse feature was improved with a progress bar. Many thanks to the Spot Welder user Arturs Jelohovskis for implementing this feature into the Arduino code.

The Arduino Code is available at GitHub . For updating your Spot Welder check out the Software Update Tutorial.

Overview what the new feature does:

  • added indication of probes shortcut on the screen
  • added indication of delay BEFORE welding as progress bar (if probes are disconnecting during wait then AutoPulse stops)
  • added indication of delay AFTER the welding pulse as progress bar.

Detail Description:

If you now use your Spot Welder in AutoPulse mode and touch the nickel strip with both welding tips a progress bar will appear on the screen. This bar will fill up in the time that was set for the AutoPulse delay (default 2 seconds) and then the weld pulse will be activated. If you remove one or both welding tips from the nickel strip while the progress bar is filling up the weld pulse will be cancelled. After placing the welding tips on the nickel strip again the bar will start from the beginning again.

In manual mode the bar will be displayed after the weld pulse was activated to indicate the wait time until the next weld pulse can be activated.



13 thoughts on “New Software Version 3.3 – AutoPulse improvement

  1. kris says:

    I have a question if you can get the HEX file to this welding machine, I do not know about arduino and unfortunately I can not translate these files to IARDUINO, but I can program the ARDUINO-NANO processor in the ISP 6-pin input and I mean the HEX file with this oled display.

  2. michaelsikora says:

    How long is the waiting time between the autopulses usually? In my case it takes about 20 seconds from the pulse until the next activation of the progress bar comes again. Even though I have set the AutpPulse delay to 0.5 seconds it also takes here about 5 seconds until the pulse comes. What could be wrong?

    • Marc Schoenfleisch says:

      Usually the wait time on autopulse is only the set delay.
      It means if you set the delay to 1 second the welder should activate the pulse after 1 second, then after the pulse wait 1 second and then you can do the next pulse.
      20 seconds or even 5 seconds is way to long, then there must be a problem with the Arduino Nano.

      • Greg says:

        Hi Marc,
        First I would like to say that I love this spot welder. I really appreciate that you made this available for anyone to download the PCB files and took the time to write up instructions to build it. I built mine from your plans just for the experience and really love using it.

        I have the same problem as Michael, no matter what I set the delay to, it was taking about 12 seconds to activate the pulse. I narrowed this down to the drawProgress function in the Arduino code. That function is called in a loop 25 times (steps=25 and stepincr=1). So if you have a delay of 2000 ms (2 seconds), your code assumes that each time through the loop will take less than 80 ms (2000/25). In my case it was clearly taking much more than 80ms. So then with some additional trial and error I was able to narrow the delays down to the display functions. If I comment those out, the delay is just about right.

        I am using ssd1306 version 1.7.20. I didn’t have that much difficulty getting it to compile and run but it would appear that the display function in this version is not nearly as efficient. I made a couple of attempts to remove the assumption that it would take less than 80 ms per step, but that was taking too much time and commenting out the display of the progress bar works for me. From the code it looks like there is a way to work in debug mode without having to connect it to the actual spot welder. If you could send me an email with some instruction on how to work in that mode, I could probably work up a fix for you.

        • Marc Schoenfleisch says:

          Where did you get V1.7.2 of the library ? The latest version i see in the library manager is Adafruit SSD1306 1.3.0
          I am currently using 1.2.9 and that seems to work fine with the 2 seconds delay.

          However 12 seconds wait time is not acceptable.
          The progress bar function was contributed by someone else to the Arduino code. I did not write this on my own, since i am not a master in programing.
          If you could find a solution to make this function better it would be much appreciated.

          The code does have a “development” mode that can be switched on. But it still needs the code to run on the spot welder then.
          In the development mode it will only show you some values in the Arduino serial monitor.

  3. kris says:

    Hello; ok thank you for the link
    I downloaded this file and I have it packed into a zip file on my desktop
    how do you get me a step by step to write how to upload to druino nano, and here I have to ask if this file V3_3.h can be loaded directly with the 6-pin ISP entry into arduino nano, or do you need to do it through the arduino uno tile?
    I’m sorry for my English but I do not speak English and I write thank you in a Google translator

  4. kris says:

    I have a question about what to do with this on the lower orange bar in Arduino 1.8.7 the following message is displayed;
    #error (“Height incorrect, please fix Adafruit_SSD1306.h”);
    exit status 1
    #error (“Height incorrect, please fix Adafruit_SSD1306.h”);
    I have changed but I do not know if it’s good 3-files (Adufruit-GFX) (Adufruit-ssd1306.h) (Soft-reset-master) and I can not skimp on and upload a sketch to Arduino-Nano as if you could have some information I would be grateful
    i still have a question about the display i have (Address-Sect 0x7A and 0x78) where should it possibly be changed?

    • Marc Schoenfleisch says:

      Did you use the display library version 1.1 like in the tutorial ?
      With the new version of the library there seem to be some problems. Maybe this causes your issue.

  5. kris says:

    I did not use the library 1.1, but I used 1.1.2 because this library contained lines 55 and 73 as a tutorial
    would you send my working library to my email, I would try to skimilize and upload it

  6. Gordon Osterstrom says:

    Dear Marc:
    I purchased your car battery kit in March of this year and just finished putting it together. All the elecrical basics check out but when I power it up, the Nano hangs on the 3.3.0 introduction / copyright screen. Turning or pushing and turning the knob does nothing. Operating the foot switch does nothing. Re-booting the Nano changes nothing. It just stays on the introduction screen. Am I overlooking something? Could the rotary switch be broken? Do I need to install 3.3.2 ? Any suggestion would be welcome.

    • Marc Schoenfleisch says:

      I would recommend you try to upload the latest spot welder software to the Arduino Nano.
      If that does not fix the problem i guess the Arduino Nano is broken.
      Then please contact me through the support email ( so we cann arrange a replacement.

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