There is a new Sotware V3.3 for the Arduino Spot Welder available. Check out what has been improved.

In V3.3 the Auto Pulse feature was improved with a progress bar. Many thanks to the Spot Welder user Arturs Jelohovskis for implementing this feature into the Arduino code.

The Arduino Code is available at GitHub . For updating your Spot Welder check out the Software Update Tutorial.

Overview what the new feature does:

  • added indication of probes shortcut on the screen
  • added indication of delay BEFORE welding as progress bar (if probes are disconnecting during wait then AutoPulse stops)
  • added indication of delay AFTER the welding pulse as progress bar.

Detail Description:

If you now use your Spot Welder in AutoPulse mode and touch the nickel strip with both welding tips a progress bar will appear on the screen. This bar will fill up in the time that was set for the AutoPulse delay (default 2 seconds) and then the weld pulse will be activated. If you remove one or both welding tips from the nickel strip while the progress bar is filling up the weld pulse will be cancelled. After placing the welding tips on the nickel strip again the bar will start from the beginning again.

In manual mode the bar will be displayed after the weld pulse was activated to indicate the wait time until the next weld pulse can be activated.



2 thoughts on “New Software Version 3.3 – AutoPulse improvement

  1. kris says:

    I have a question if you can get the HEX file to this welding machine, I do not know about arduino and unfortunately I can not translate these files to IARDUINO, but I can program the ARDUINO-NANO processor in the ISP 6-pin input and I mean the HEX file with this oled display.

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