New Batch of V2.2 PCBs arrived. There is a little improvement in the V2.2 PCBs now.

  • The pad for resistor R13 was removed, because it was not needed. So dont worry if you cant find R13 on the PCB, it is not there 😉
  • The value of resistor R15 was changed from 470 to 620 Ohm. Now you only need 2x 620 Ohm resistors instead of one 470 and one 620 Ohm one. Makes the build a little bit easier because of less different components.  Use a 470 Ohm resistor on R15 for proper function of the AutoPulse Feature when used in combination with the diode set.

5 thoughts on “New batch of V2.2 Spot Welder PCBs

  1. villan says:

    Any chance you could create a parts list at or digikey? I am unable to find all the of components listed at Reichelt, and the shipping to the US is very expensive. Thanks!

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